Nothing is Original

Throughout my research on remixes, I have learned a very important lesson, that is that nothing that has been invented or created over the past 2000 years or even longer is original.

Copying others is how people learn the fundamentals of a craft. Artists first start learning by copying other people’s drawing, musicians learn how to play instruments by playing other’s songs and writers learn to write by reading and using other’s ideas. Copying is an essential step of learning and it is how people invent things.

After learning all the basics, people take other inventions and modify them to suit their needs and make them better. Just like how James Watt created his own steam engine after working on Thomas Newcomen’s steam engine.


Other than transforming other’s inventions, people also combine different inventions to create something amazing. This was done by Henry Ford who combined the assembly line, automobiles, and interchangeable parts to create the first mass-produced car even though he hasn’t invented any of them.


Just like inventions, music and videos are also copied and molded to the creator’s style. Bands like Led Zepplin have copied many other artists melodies and music to create their own piece of art. They copied artists like Willie Dixon, Howlin’ Wolf, Bert Jansch. Because of this, they were called ripoffs but on the other hand, they have created music that was enjoyed by millions of people.

But I think what Led Zepplin did was wrong and is plagiarism. They not only copied other artist’s melodies but also copied their lyrics and creativity. I believe that it is okay for artists to be influenced by each other’s work and remixing the melody but I consider it plagiarism when they also copy the lyrics and their message that they were expressing to their audience.

Movies are also copied and inspired from their predecessors. The very popular movie series, Star Wars, has been influenced by many other movies. Tv show and movies like Flash Gordon and The Last Samurai influenced the story while The Dambusters, The Searchers, 633 Squadron have influenced specific scenes within the movie.

I find this acceptable as the director did not blatantly copy other’s work but was instead influenced by them and integrated them into the movie with his style.

Overall, everything that we are doing is copying and I think that it is perfectly okay as long as you add your own personality and passion into it.


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Serial Podcast Episode 1 Thoughts



So I just finished watching the first episode of the Serial podcast and I though1415888531403_wps_9_a_undated_photo_of_murdert that is was really good.

Serial is a podcast about Sarah Koeing, a journalist, who investigates the murder of Hae Min Lee, an 18-year-old from Woodlawn Highschool in 1999. Hae’s ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was convicted of the murder and throughout the series, Sarah tries to prove Adnan’s innocence.

I found the first episode of the series very interesting. The podcast starts off with Koeing asking a question about whether you can remember what you exactly did 6 weeks ago on a Wednesday and what if your ability to remember determines your future. This one answer to the question has lead Syed’s life to prison.

The answer to the question is nearly impossible. I tried thinking back that for and cannot come up with anything. This really made me realize how easily we forget things and made me very aware of everything I do.

The podcast is narrated from Koeing’s point of view and she tells the listeners about everything that he does and experiences through her journey. She starts off introducing the case to the audience and also tells us about the arguments of both sides of the case. Later, as the story continued, she starts investigating and searches for clues to try to save Adnan.

The episode was very suspenseful and felt like a murder mystery story. Since it was narrated from Koeing, it felt as if we were learning and experiences with her. She also gave the audience the clues from both sides of the story so it that you can learn the clues yourself and conclude your opinions on whether Adnan is innocent or not. Throughout the entire episode, I was at the edge of my seat and in suspense of what is going to happen next.

One thing that I really liked about  Serial was that it was a podcast. Unlike books or movies, where you have to sit down and concentrate on the media, podcasts allow you to do other things while listing to it. For example, I was listening to it while driving my car and kept me entertained whiled being able to concentrate on the road.

Overall, I would recommend the Serial podcast to anyone. I was thoroughly entertained in the first episode and cannot wait to listen to episode 2!



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Top 3 Reasons Why Grade 12 English Should Not Be Mandatory (MUST READ!!!)

University is a common route that many people take after completing high school to pursue further education. But one problem that many students struggle with is doing well in grade 12 university English (ENG4U).

Most universities in Canada require students to take ENG4U as one of their requirements to attend their university and I believe that this should be abolished.

Why English should not be required?

  1. Teaches you unimportant skills – A major part of the grade 12 English course is writing essays, investigating books and analyzing poems and Shakespeare plays. These skills are useless in most practical work done in the real world and in the career that you are trying to pursue. For example, if someone wants to attend a computer engineering program in university, they will never use their essay writing or Shakespeare or poem analyzing skills that they have acquired in ENG4U. Taking this course just wastes people’s time that they could be using towards gaining new h5fr_cg8skills that have real life applications or finding a job because university is expensive!                                                                           Some may argue that ENG 4U enhances a student’s sentence structures and improves their grammar. But, this is unnecessary as there are many grammar fixing programs like Grammarly and WhiteSmoke to assist you in writing proper sentences. In fact, this blog that you are reading has been edited by Grammarly. If there is a software that can improve your English then what is the point of taking ENG4U.                                                                                                                                         Here is a link to Grammarly just in case you wanted to improve your writing
  2. Makes it harder for students to get into their desired program- English is a subject that many students are not good at. They have trouble analyzing books, poems or don’t know how to express themselves in essays. This leads to their overall average dropping which prevents them from getting into their no-universityprogram even if they are gifted in that field. For example, a gifted science student might not make it into a good science program just because they are not good in English. This eliminates many bright students from their program and prevents them from learning the subject they excel in.
  3. Stresses out high school students- Unlike straightforward classes like boy-stress-sat-deskMath and Science, English is a very stressful subject for most students as it requires them to think more critically. This makes working on English projects very time consuming and stressful for students. This overwhelming amount of stress has many negative side effects like headaches, fatigue, and depression.

I believe that English should not be mandatory for most university programs as it mainly prepares you for skills that you might never use, or makes it more challenging for people to get into their program. It also induces more stress within them which isn’t good for our bodies. Rather than being mandatory for most programs, I think that it should only be mandatory for students pursuing careers in English, Law, History etc.


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