Top 3 Reasons Why Grade 12 English Should Not Be Mandatory (MUST READ!!!)

University is a common route that many people take after completing high school to pursue further education. But one problem that many students struggle with is doing well in grade 12 university English (ENG4U).

Most universities in Canada require students to take ENG4U as one of their requirements to attend their university and I believe that this should be abolished.

Why English should not be required?

  1. Teaches you unimportant skills – A major part of the grade 12 English course is writing essays, investigating books and analyzing poems and Shakespeare plays. These skills are useless in most practical work done in the real world and in the career that you are trying to pursue. For example, if someone wants to attend a computer engineering program in university, they will never use their essay writing or Shakespeare or poem analyzing skills that they have acquired in ENG4U. Taking this course just wastes people’s time that they could be using towards gaining new h5fr_cg8skills that have real life applications or finding a job because university is expensive!                                                                           Some may argue that ENG 4U enhances a student’s sentence structures and improves their grammar. But, this is unnecessary as there are many grammar fixing programs like Grammarly and WhiteSmoke to assist you in writing proper sentences. In fact, this blog that you are reading has been edited by Grammarly. If there is a software that can improve your English then what is the point of taking ENG4U.                                                                                                                                         Here is a link to Grammarly just in case you wanted to improve your writing
  2. Makes it harder for students to get into their desired program- English is a subject that many students are not good at. They have trouble analyzing books, poems or don’t know how to express themselves in essays. This leads to their overall average dropping which prevents them from getting into their no-universityprogram even if they are gifted in that field. For example, a gifted science student might not make it into a good science program just because they are not good in English. This eliminates many bright students from their program and prevents them from learning the subject they excel in.
  3. Stresses out high school students- Unlike straightforward classes like boy-stress-sat-deskMath and Science, English is a very stressful subject for most students as it requires them to think more critically. This makes working on English projects very time consuming and stressful for students. This overwhelming amount of stress has many negative side effects like headaches, fatigue, and depression.

I believe that English should not be mandatory for most university programs as it mainly prepares you for skills that you might never use, or makes it more challenging for people to get into their program. It also induces more stress within them which isn’t good for our bodies. Rather than being mandatory for most programs, I think that it should only be mandatory for students pursuing careers in English, Law, History etc.


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2 thoughts on “Top 3 Reasons Why Grade 12 English Should Not Be Mandatory (MUST READ!!!)

  1. I agree with your points that ENG 4U should not be a required course for most degrees and high school because it does really stress students out and causes most to not get into their desired programs. Yet do you feel there could be an alternative English class, one where they offer two different types. The first being tailored towards the math and science students and the other towards the artistic and language craving students?


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