Nothing is Original

Throughout my research on remixes, I have learned a very important lesson, that is that nothing that has been invented or created over the past 2000 years or even longer is original.

Copying others is how people learn the fundamentals of a craft. Artists first start learning by copying other people’s drawing, musicians learn how to play instruments by playing other’s songs and writers learn to write by reading and using other’s ideas. Copying is an essential step of learning and it is how people invent things.

After learning all the basics, people take other inventions and modify them to suit their needs and make them better. Just like how James Watt created his own steam engine after working on Thomas Newcomen’s steam engine.


Other than transforming other’s inventions, people also combine different inventions to create something amazing. This was done by Henry Ford who combined the assembly line, automobiles, and interchangeable parts to create the first mass-produced car even though he hasn’t invented any of them.


Just like inventions, music and videos are also copied and molded to the creator’s style. Bands like Led Zepplin have copied many other artists melodies and music to create their own piece of art. They copied artists like Willie Dixon, Howlin’ Wolf, Bert Jansch. Because of this, they were called ripoffs but on the other hand, they have created music that was enjoyed by millions of people.

But I think what Led Zepplin did was wrong and is plagiarism. They not only copied other artist’s melodies but also copied their lyrics and creativity. I believe that it is okay for artists to be influenced by each other’s work and remixing the melody but I consider it plagiarism when they also copy the lyrics and their message that they were expressing to their audience.

Movies are also copied and inspired from their predecessors. The very popular movie series, Star Wars, has been influenced by many other movies. Tv show and movies like Flash Gordon and The Last Samurai influenced the story while The Dambusters, The Searchers, 633 Squadron have influenced specific scenes within the movie.

I find this acceptable as the director did not blatantly copy other’s work but was instead influenced by them and integrated them into the movie with his style.

Overall, everything that we are doing is copying and I think that it is perfectly okay as long as you add your own personality and passion into it.


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