Into Thin Air-Final Response

From page 241 to the end is when the climax starts and resolves.

While climbing to the summit, many people were stuck img_0499in a huge storm that made it very hard for them to come back to the camp. Their visibility was very low could not tell where the camp was or where they even were. During this storm, some people took a misstep and fell off the cliff while others were severely frostbitten and unable to move.

Thankfully, people like Ang Dorje and Stuart Hutchinson stepped up and started looking for people stranded in the storm. There they found Yasuko, Beck and Sandy struggling. In their rescue, they were able to save Beck and Sandy but Yasuko was dead.

Rob and Doug were also stuck in the storm and later died.

After the storm passed, it was found that there were many errors that lead to the catastrophe that took place in Everest.

First, at the oxygen refill station near the summit, Andy was insisting that there were no more oxygen tanks left when there were actually six left. This may have been the reason for Rob and Doug death as they were desperately looking for oxygen and was unable to find one.

Second, Rob told this crew to start heading back to camp at 2pm no matter how close to the summit they were. But, Rob broke his own rule and climbed to the summit with Doug at 5pm and also let Yasuko and Beck climb too.

Third, Krakauer claimed that he saw Doug came back to camp and therefore he was thought to be safe. But in reality, he was dying near the summit with Rob Hall.

This shows that it only takes a few errors to create a fatal mistake and situation where lives were lost.


Several weeks after the incident, Krakauer says that he now find pleasure in his daily life. He is grateful for being able to go to the washroom while being warm and cozy. This reaches the reader to always be grateful for what you have and find pleasure from it.

Overall, this book was quite good. It has taught people like me quite a bit about mountain climbing and about the dangers of it. It has also taught me just how much planning is required before attempting something so dangerous. Finally, I am learned that no matter how small a mistake is, it can cause catastrophic damage.




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