Into Thin Air- Second Response

The book spends most of pages 74 to 138 explaining and describing each of the people he is going to climb with also  briefly talks about how the Everest climb has changed the Sherpa culture. rob-halls-team2

First, there were the guides: Rob Hall, Andy Harris, Mike Groom and Ang Dorje. Rob is the head guide who has climbed Everest 5 times and have lead countless others to the summit.

Rob is the head guide who has climbed Everest 5 times and have lead countless others to the summit.

Andy Harris is an experienced climber from New Zealand who has never climbed Everest.

Mike Groom is an Australian who has previously climbed to the summit of Everest.

Ang Dorje is a Sherpa and very skilled climber. He is Hall’s number one Sherpa and is very loyal towards him.

Among the clients climbing to the summit of Everest are: Doug Hansen, Stuart Hutchison, Lou Kasischke, Yasuko Namba, John Taske and Beck Weathers.

Doug Hansen was part of Hall’s team the previous year and was 300 ft short of reaching the summit because Rob stopped him. Because of this, Rob has given Hansen a discount and insisted him to try climbing Everest again. Hansen regrets not being able to climb Everest and is determined to climb it this time.

Stuart Hutchison is the youngest climber of the group and was also the most experienced climber.

Lou Kasischke is also a very experienced climber who has climbed six of the Seven Summits.

Yasuko Nambe is a Japanese woman who is the weakest climber of the group. From the very start, she has been at the back of the group and has been slowing them down. She might be one of the causes of the accident what is going to take place.

Like Yasuko, Jon Taske us also inexperienced in climbing and might also be a liability.

Beck Weathers is a doctor who is very passionate towards climbing to the point where he has left his wife to pursue climbing,

One thing that I found interesting was that after Krakauer describes all the other clients, he acts very arrogant. He disregards his team’s skills and thinks that most of them will be a liability and slow him down.


The book also extensively talks about how Westerners and their obsession of climbing Everest has changed the Sherpa culture. Sherpas are a tribe of people that live in high altitudes and are accustomed to the thin air. Because of this, climbers have been using Sherpas are helpers to aid them in their climb.

This Western influence has significantly changed Sherpa culture. The Sherpas learned how to speak English and has also opened up restaurants with western food like hamburgers.

Many of them have also focused on being skilled climbers to help out the other climbers as it paid much more than their usual job.

This increased wage has greatly helped their economy and has helped them build more schools and hospitals.

Overall, people wanting to climb Everest has been a positive effect to Sherpas life.







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