Portfolio Plan

For my novel study, I have picked the book Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer which is about a man and his journey to the summit of Everest.

I am going to write an argumentative essay for the book.

I picked an argumentative essay because I am a logical person and can’t really express my feelings. Therefore, a narrative essay is completely our of the question.

A persuasive essay is also a bad fit for me as I am not very emotional nor do I have strong opinions on any topic.

Because of this, I have decided to do an argumentative essay on my topic.

Argumentative essay is, therefore, the perfect fit for me as it requires logical thinking and good research to support your ideas. It addition, you also need a controlled tone and avoid sarcasm which is also perfect for my straightforward personality.

For my other three choices, I have decided to do a concept map, website, and podcast.

Concept map- Concept maps are very simple to make as you can pcmapaboutcmapslargeut down any idea that you have. You also don’t need full sentences and can write a word or phrase in each box. It will also help me organize my ideas for my essay and find my strong points. No only will it help me but it will also help the readers get a good understanding of the main ideas of the book and the overall theme.

Website- For the website, I decided to make a facebook page on Jon Krakerar (the fb_icon_325x325narrator of the story) and retell the story in a simpler way that is easy to follow. It will give the people who are not reading the book a good idea of what happens in the book and when it happens.

Podcast- Some of my feeling and ideas cannot be explained properly through writte33613-mic-interface-symboln mediums so I think that a podcast will communicate new ideas to the readers that I was not able to express.


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