Serial Podcast Response

I just finished watching the first and last episode of the Serial podcast and want to give my thoughts and ideas on it.



Serial is a podcast about Sarah Koeing, a journalist who 1415888531403_wps_9_a_undated_photo_of_murderinvestigates the murder of Hae Min Lee, an 18-year-old from Woodlawn Highschool in 1999. Hae’s ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was convicted of the murder and throughout the series, Sarah tries to prove Adnan’s innocence.

The podcast series was very interesting and felt like it was a mystery show filled with action and suspense.

But the ending of the podcast left many listeners questioning about is whether Adnan is actually innocent or not.



There were strong arguments on both sides of Adnan being guilty or not, but I think that he is.

First of all, there was the Nisha call. Nisha is a girl that Adnan was flirting with at the time and it is a very important because it was a call that Adnan at a time that he claimed he did not have his phone. But according to Jay’s testimony and evidence, it showed that Adnan was lying. In the podcast, all that the producers had against the argument was that it could have been a butt dial or someone else dialed the number which sounds too convenient for Adnan. That happening would be a huge coincidence that is extremely unlikely to happen.

Second, there is also a possibility that Adnan still loved Hae and was shocked when he saw her with Don. This shock may have pushed him off the edge and killed Hae. This theory gives Adnan a motif to kill Hae.

In the podcast Sarah, the narrator, says that either Adnan is extremely unlucky or he is actually the murderer.

Like how he conveniently loaned his car and phone to his friend the day his ex-girlfriend goes missing.

He also asks Hae for a ride that day just like how Jay described their plan is going to go.

And finally, Adnan conveniently forgets what he did on the day of Hae’s death while Jay’s story matches up with Adnan’s call history and geography.

These are too many coincidences and bad luck to the point where Adnan had to be the murderer.

Overall, I strongly believe that Adnan is the murderer because of the lack of evidence for him and so many ‘coincidences’ that happened to him.


Works Cited

Koeing, Sarah, narrator. “What We Know Now.” Serial, season 1, episode 12.


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